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New album from Ling Tosite Sigure

Ling Tosite Sigure will be releasing their long awaited 4th album "still a Sigure virgin?" on September 22nd.

The album will have 9 tracks including "I was music," which they played on their tour, "Shandy," which was part of their Superfinal Sadistic Tornado Vibes collab with Space Shower TV, and "this is this?" which is said to have a nice melody line with a big build up.

The rest of the album will feature their usual destructive power and they've also worked acoustic and post rock into their sound. As with previous albums, this one's been produced completely by band member TK (G, Vo).

Along with the album release, they've announced their VIRGIN KILLER tour. They've got 13 shows lined up, so if you're gonna be in Japan later this year、 you might wanna check ’em out. (you can find tour dates at the source)


I'm a newer fan of theirs but I really dig them and am definitely looking forward to the album.

3 new andymori PVs

To promote all their summer music festival appearances, andymori have made some new PVs to go with three summery songs from their albums.

They also have their "andymori natsu festival fair - bokutachi andymori" (we are andymori) campaign going on at CD shops and live venues. When you buy andymori CDs/goods you'll get a special bag and sticker as a present.

Check out their site for show dates and info on the special goods.

Now, on to the PVs!Collapse )

Free song downloads from HINTO

Shiny new band HINTO, formed by ex-SPARTA LOCALS members Abe Kousei and Itou Shin'ichi, are giving away free music. Every month from May-July they're releasing one song on their website.

They've just put up the second song, so if you're a fan, or are looking for something new, be sure to check out their site and head to the downloads section.

[PV] your gold, my pink - star fall

Kicking things off with a new PV by your gold, my pink.

"star fall" is a track off their upcoming mini-album "pray" out July 7th.
Speaking of which, you can check out 3 songs from the album on their myspace.

Welcome to Suppin J-Rock!

I guess I should start by explaining the name. "Suppin" is Japanese for "face without make-up," so you can probably figure out the rest. Suppin J-Rock is a community for bands/artists who don't fall in the Visual spectrum.

I've come across many a j-rock fan and they tend to be more into visual-kei, so I decided to make a comm that will bring attention to other bands.

I encourage everyone to share whether it be news, PVs, pictures, etc.

Umm... yeah, still kinda ironing things out at the moment but if you've somehow stumbled on this community, thanks for reading and I hope you stick around. :)